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Push Button Start Alarm Kit

GTStarter 1
gtstarter standard push button starter
Push Button Start Car Alarm

push button starter key fob
Multi-function Key FOB

gtstarter 1 push button start switch
Two Color L.E.D. Surface Mount
Push Button Start Switch

See Optional Actuator kits Below

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2 Door Actuator Kit
2door actuator kit
2 Door Pwr Door Lock
Actuator Kit

4 Door Actuator Kit
4door actuator kit
4 Door Pwr Door Lock
Actuator Kit

Actuator Installation Manual
# of Doors
GTStarter 1

Push Button Start and Security System
Model # GTS-1

(Ignition Key Required)
For Automatic or Manual Transmission Vehicles

To add a Power Door Lock Actuator upgrade kit
Optional Accessories Below

For Keyless Push button Start models see GTStarter 3

GTStarter I   Functions:
* Fits Any Car or Truck
        * Carbureted, Fuel Injected or Diesel
        * Manual or Automatic Trans.
* Will Integrate w/ OEM Keyless Entry System
* Surface Mounted Push Button Start Switch
        * Three Color LED Start Button
        * A 5/16" Dia. Hole is required behind the Push Button Switch
        * Mounts Anywhere on Dash
* Key & Push Button Start OR Button Start Only (Prog.)
* Key FOB Features
        * Four Button Deco Key FOB
        * Code Learning Transmitter
        * Car Locating
        * Panic Alarm
* Locking Time Setting 4 sec. or .4 sec. (Prog.)
* One or 2 Pulse locking/unlocking (Prog.)
* Ignition Key Door Lock/Unlock (Prog.)
* 6 Tone Siren
* Parking Light Flash
* Passive Door locking (Prog.)
* Passive Arming (Prog.)
* Re-arm and Re-lock (Prog.)
* Foot Brake Activated Door Lock (Prog.)
* Siren Chirp Silencing (Key FOB or Prog.)
* Anti-Hijacking
* Valet Mode
* Push Button Start Immobilizer
* Fully Programmable Alarm & Push Button Start Functions
* Detailed Installation & Operating Instructions.
Electrical Specifications:
      Operating Voltage:                         12VDC
      Operating Current:                         35ma max.
      Key FOB Battery life:                      1 Yr. min.
      Key FOB Range:                            300-600 ft
      Key FOB L.E.D.Indicator:               Green indicates activity,
                                                             Red indicates low battery.
fcc logoThis Product is FCC Part 15 Certified

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