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Keyless Push Button Start Kit

GTStarter 3
GTStarter 3 Keyless Ignition Push Button Start Security System w/ Passive RFID TechnologyKeyless Ignition GTStarter 3 FOB Button Functions
Keyless Ignition Surface Mount Engine Start / Stop Button

Standard Four Function
Push Button Start Switch

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GTStarter 3

Keyless Ignition Push Button Start
and Security System

Model # GTS-3

For Automatic or Manual Transmission Vehicles

To add a Custom Button Switch or Power Door Locks
Optional Accessories

(Does not include Remote Start Feature)
For Keyless Remote Start model see GTStarter 3RS

GTStarter-3 is an Keyless Ignition electronic Push Button Start Security System using passive RFID proximity technology.

• Eliminates the need for an ignition key.
• Key FOB activation of Trunk Release and Door Poppers (Shaved doors) & Window Close.(Click to See Shaved Door wiring manual)
• Easily Installes on any Make/Model Year Vehicle.
• A Single Key FOB can be assigned to all of your vehicles equipped with GTStarter 3 or GTStarter 3RS .

Approach the vehicle with the Key FOB in your pocket or purse and the doors will auto unlock!
Step in the vehicle, Push the "Start/Stop" button and drive away!
Push the "Start/Stop" button and the engine turns off.
Walk away from the vehicle the doors automatically lock!
Accessories and/or Ignition can be individually turned ON and OFF with the simple press of the "Start Stop Engine" button.
Doors can be Locked / unlocked. The trunk and individual door poppers can be opened by pressing a button on the Keyless multi-function key FOB.
Included with Keyless Ignition GTStarter 3 :
• Keyless Ignition Electronic Control Module.
• (2) Encrypted Four Button Passive (PKE) RFID Key FOBs.
• Four function Color LED Surface Mounted Push Button Start Switch.
• Built in 30 Amp Accessory & Ignition power Relays.
• All necessary Keyless Ignition Control Module wire Harnesses.
• Fully Adjustable Shock Sensor.
• 6 Tone Siren.
• Two antennas.
• Detailed Keyless Ignition Install & Operating Instructions.

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