About Our Company:

We are a company dedicated to delivering Unique Automotive Products to other “Gear Heads” and car enthusiasts. We use what we design and sell.

This is our 8th year designing and selling Push Button Start products. Way back when, at the start, no one even knew what an aftermarket Push Button Start or for that matter, what a PKE Keyless Ignition system was. Times have certainly changed. There is certainly more competition in the marketplace, but we continue to maintain our leadership position. We contribute our success to the quality and experience of our automotive electronics engineers. Our technical support is the best in the business with over 25 years of experience, and our warranty and return policies are extremely generous. Many of our competitors don't have warranty and return policies.

We do all of our own hardware and software development here in the U.S. by our in-house engineers.

About the Product Concept:
We design all of our products to meet or exceed OEM quality and reliability so it will last as long as or longer than your new vehicle. Our products are extremely versatile and are user programmable to the user’s particular needs. Our products can be installed in new or old cars or trucks. The classic car guys like the modernization attribute of our products.
The Handicapped market has been an up-lifting surprise to us. We are especially pleased to know that our products take the burden of starting the engine and opening doors, to a pain free process for those with special needs.

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