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Slicks Garage builds Capt. Hillstrand's ("Time Bandit") With GTStarter 2 Keyless Ignition
Slick, Andy and Johnathan Hilstrand
"Time Bandit" as seen at SEMA 2011
GTStarter 1 Push Button Start Security System Standard Model
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GTStarter 3
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GTStarter 3RS with Remote Start
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Customer Reviews

5star"My buddy said he thought it was silly to have a push button start. What's the point? Well he changed his mind after he tried my Gallo Tech. He likes it so much he bought 1 for his Honda and another for his 4X4. My lady even wants one. Thanks for a cool product."
Fernando G.
Cherry Hill, NJ
Ans. "Fernando, We hear this a lot. Until people actually try our push button start they won't appreciate how nice it is to use".
Gallo Technologies


5star"To GalloTech,
About two weeks ago I parked my '97 Focus at the Newark airport for a weekend trip. When I got back I found that some creep tried to jack it. The dude slide hammered the key to release the wheel thinking he could just drive away as usual. Thanks to the Gtstarter the thief was unable to get past the start button security. He must have played around with it for a while because my dash wires were pulled out all over the place. I decided not to get the steering column fixed (about $300) because it doesn't really do much to stop these creeps anyway. I have bypassed the key and installed a toggle switch. Thanks for a nice product."
Tommy Lu
Linden, NJ

5star"i like it"
Hialeah, FL

5star"WOW, this thing is cool!"
Martin Bennett,
Goral Gables, Fl

5star"Dear Gallo Tech,
I was doin a little body surf'n at Venice Beach and when I got back to my car I realized I had my clicker in my suit pocket the whole time. It worked to unlock my Jeep and when I got home I rinsed it off in the sink. After 2 weeks its still working dude. The button start is awesome too. :)"
Jason Marconi,
Newport Beach, Ca

5star" I just installed your push button start system in my "87 Saab 9000. The wiring diagrams you have on your website were absolutely correct for my ride. Made the install real easy. Its not the easiest ride to find diagrams for. Now all I need to do is get the ugly beast painted. Do you sell paint?"
Marco A.
Binghamton, NY
Ans. "Sorry no paint" .......But I can recommend a great Italian restaurant "The Blue Grotto" in downtown Binghamton.........Gallo Technologies :)

5star"Thanks for the great tech help. Have told some of my friends. Can I get a discount on my next one?"
San Antonio, TX
Ans. "Well, how many friends did you tell? " .......Gallo Technologies

5star"Got my oil changed last week at the local Jiffy. Your starter button caused starter motor to go. All the mechanics in the shop wanted to try the start button. 6 guys each started the car at least twice and eventually the starter went. My car is a '79 ElCamino with 200K + miles and the original starter. Thanks, I got a new starter out of it.
Tommy C.
Bryn Mawr, Pa
Ans. "Think its only fare that you split the loot with us! " ( lol )
.............Gallo Technologies


5star"Sirs; After spending lots of money on my futuristic instrument panel for an airplane that I am building, it was pointed out to me that I still had an antique key start. Well, after a little internet search, I discovered your Starter I kit and installed it. I am extremely pleased with the look and operation. In addition, I now also have a security system for my airplane. I have attached a picture of your start button installed on the instrument panel.
Dean M..
Poplar Grove, IL
Ans. "I noticed that your fuel gauge reads zero and you are only 1400' off the ground. Any gas stations near by? Got a parachute? It might be time to jump Dean! :)
.............Gallo Technologies


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64 nova dash
1964 Chevy Nova (using Keyless GTStarter 2-2DR)

85 El Camino dash
1985 El Camino (using GTStarter I-2DR)

Hands Down WINNER!!
Home Built Airplane
Dean's Home Built Airplane w/ GTStarter 1 (Very Unusual)

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Photo Gallery

Gallo Technologies '69 "GTStarter Camaro"
GalloTech 69 Camaro

32 cadillac dash
1932 Cadillac Street Rod (using GTStarter I-4DR)

honda accord dash
2006 Honda Accord (using GTStarter I in Armed Mode)

dodge charger dash
2005 Dodge Charger (using GTStarter I)

68 firebird console
1968 Firebird Custom (using Keyless GTStarter 2-2DR)

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Three Push Button Start System Models to Choose From
GTStarter 3Keyless Ignition GTStarter 3 push button start
GTStarter 3
(No Key Required)

Sale Price $310 Reg $379
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GTStarter 3 RSKeyless Ignition GTStarter 3RS with Remote Start push button start

GTStarter 3RS (w/Remote Start)
(No Key Required)

Sale Price $330 Reg $399
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